Individual Human Potential

The study of individual human potential is what I consider the final frontier for the individual human being. .

The perceptions and beliefs we have accrued concerning individual human potential has come to us through the perceptions and beliefs of the society we live in and other societies, past and present.

Rarely would it occur to us to challenge the status quo regard individual human potential and seek to explore and discover greater individual potentials.

However, this is of tremendous importance well beyond theory to the seeker.  Because it is through practical application we come realize that a good portion of human suffering has more to do with undeveloped inherent individual human potentials and less to do with the catalogs of afflictions, ailments, defects, diseases and treatments - that emanate from perspectives that appear blind to development of individual human potential,

It is not our purpose to expound upon why this is so.  It is our purpose to introduce individual human potential to those individuals who seek to discover more about themselves and their inherent potentials in a context that delivers means, method and structure for discovery and development of their own inherent individual potentials.

A Different View and Experience of Reality


Americal Object Human Development is an introduction to what lies beyond the limits of academic education and the limits of all knowledge and experience we have accrued in the course of our life.  This exploration brings to light influences that have undermined our quality of life and stolen from us the joy inherent in the experience of life.

AOHD is for those whose knowledge and experience has not provided them the experience of life they desire.  AOHD is for those who have not found an understanding and experience of life they desire through philosophy, religion, science, psychology, psychiatry, pharmaceuticals.  It is the intent of AOHD to introduce perceptions and experience that introduce new possibilities and potentials for living life naturally.

AOHD is not an easy way.  It is for those who seek to learn, explore, discover and understand themselves in ways that give them greater command and control of their individual lives.

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Americal Objective Human Development

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