About Americal

Ultimately, our purpose is to assist you in transforming what now exists into a new and beautiful reality.

There is much we may provide, such as:

Ideas, alternatives, design, layout, material and construction services.

Implementation of  plans designed by you or for you.

Installation of products you have acquired from other sources or through our suppliers.

A combination of the above through the remodel process so the end result is exactly what you desire.

The ability to serve clients with basic through high-end tastes and budgets.

Every project is addressed with the highest standards of quality and excellence in a timely manner.

It may be remodel of a home you just purchased, one you are preparing to place on the market for sale or one in which you plan to stay for some time.

Home owner, investor, property manager or realtor - we can serve your needs and those of your clients.

Our service area is Southeastern Michigan - with the greatest concentration being Oakland County,

Licensed (30 years) and Insured, of course.

When you meet with Americal - you will meet with someone who understands all that is involved in your project and its process.

The majority of our work is by way of mouth to mouth referral - rather than through advertising, so if you have not heard of us, do not be surprised.

We do not rely on websites that earn profits from ratings or reviews that can be false and / or manipulated .  We provide real references.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Design, Construction, Remodel, LLC