A Different View and Experience of Reality


Americal Object Human Development is a guided exploration into human experience and potential - specifically yours.  AOHD extends beyond the perspectives of Western Psychology, Psychiatry and Pharmaceuticals - to introduce alternatives elusive to our society .

For those who seek beyond the mainstream... AOHD delivers ways and means to achieve freedom from the obstacles that inhibit personal growth, as well as, discovery and development of hidden inherent potentials.

Many individuals benefit from Psychology, Psychiatry and Pharmaceuticals - however, there are those who seek to learn, discover and understand themselves in ways that give them command of their own lives. These are the people that may benefit most from Americal Objective Human Development.

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White lotus

If you desire to discover, understand and direct your life to its greatest potential,

if you have not found what you need in academia or mainstream then...

Americal Objective Human Development

may be just what you are looking for...

contact us with questions and / or consider an interview with the developer of Americal Objective Human Development -  "Contact Us".  

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