Free Will

It is often suggested that human beings are born with free will.  After careful scrutiny, it may be evidenced that a human being may have been born with something that has the appearance of free will, but whatever that "is", is wrought out of them within six years and replaced with an ever expanding array of wills that form a magnetic core that draws experience to them throughout the remainder of their lives.  An individuals magnetic core may take a form that ranges from joy to despair, from success to failure, from living life to escaping living.  The only possible way to transition an undesirable core or to sustain a desirable core - is to develop an understanding of the meaning of authentic free will.  This is not something inherent in the human being at birth... rather a potential... an individual may achieve... as in a process of individual development.  It is usually only sought by those whose experience of life presents challenges, for which they are unable to find natural resolution in the mainstream of life.






It is interesting the number of individuals that suffer what they do not know, what they do not understand.  The more the individual does not know / understand - the more they suffer.  Included in "not understanding" is accepting what is handed down / offered us from any number of sources as valid.  Academic education is a good example.  Because something is not known to philosophy, religion, science, psychology - does not mean it is not known or does not exist - it only means it is not known or does not exist from the perspectives of those schools and the lines of though from which they radiate.

While a fundamental compulsion in the human being is, "to know" - too often we fill a compartment with anything available or make up something to avoid the discomfort of "not knowing".

In many instances, making things up about something steals from us the opportunity to achieve an authentic experience of that something or of understanding more than we do now.

To know is to have an explanation regard something.  To understand is the degree all our explanations harmoniously integrate.  Knowledge as it accrues becomes increasingly compartmentalized.  Understanding as it accrues becomes increasingly holistic.

If we could get past the experience of the discomfort of not knowing, until such time as we come to understand what it is we seek to understand - we would be much better off than just filling these voids with things that become obstacles to integration down the road.

A Different View and Experience of Reality


Americal Object Human Development is an introduction to what lies beyond the limits of academic education and the limits of all knowledge and experience we have accrued in the course of our life.  This exploration brings to light influences that have undermined our quality of life and stolen from us the joy inherent in the experience of life.

AOHD is for those whose knowledge and experience has not provided them the experience of life they desire.  AOHD is for those who have not found an understanding and experience of life they desire through philosophy, religion, science, psychology, psychiatry, pharmaceuticals.  It is the intent of AOHD to introduce perceptions and experience that introduce new possibilities and potentials for living life naturally.

AOHD is not an easy way.  It is for those who seek to learn, explore, discover and understand themselves in ways that give them greater command and control of their individual lives.

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