About Us…

Our purpose is to assist you in transforming what is… into a new,  beautiful and functional reality.

Your purpose… may be remodel of a home:

You live in now and plan to remain.

You just purchased and have not yet moved in.

You are preparing to place on the market for sale.

You are planning to flip for a profit or a rental.

What is the reason behind your remodel project?

Your vision… may be your own design or one of collaboration with a design professional of you choice, or one of ours.

What is your vision for your project?

With more than 20 trades involved in the construction of a home, we are able to integrate all aspects into the smooth execution of your project – that make glitches nearly extinct.

How many stories of projects than have gone awry have you heard?

How would you like your project to flow?

Our Services:

Design:  Ideas, Suggestions, Alternatives, Critical analysis.

Understanding:  Of all aspects of residential construction and the ideal integration of all of them together.

Scope:  Kitchens, Bathroom, Basements, Laundry Rooms, Additions, Deletions & Structural Modifications,  and more!

Project management:  Coordination of skilled trades:  Quite important!

Flexibility:    We have the ability to serve clients with moderate through high-end tastes and budgets.

Material:  We use and recommend quality material – that you may acquire through our suppliers or through other sources.

Performance:  We address every project with the highest standards of quality, efficiency, attention to detail –  regardless of size – in a timely manner.

Diversity:  Home owner, investor, realtor, property manager or  claim representative (insurance) – we are able to meet your needs and those of your clients, friends & neighbors.

Geography:  Our service area is Southeastern Michigan – with particularly Oakland County.  Though we have traveled to counties beyond for special projects.

Certified:  Licensed (30 years) and Insured, of course.

Discreet:  The majority of our work is acquired through mouth to mouth referral – rather than advertising – , so it is likely you have never heard of us – except through someone with whom you are acquainted.   We do not subscribe to websites that earn profits from ratings or reviews or that may be influenced in ways that promote false impressions to consumers.   We do provide references on request.

Understanding:  We understand there are those participating  in the construction industry who are unlicensed & uninsured that are attractive to the “low price shoppers”.   We have been asked many times to solve problems that result from the poor workmanship and ignorance of standards of practice (intentional or accidental) of others.  If you are looking for the lowest price… we will neither be the lowest or the highest price.

Selective:  We prefer clients that are quality individuals that

share similar standards of quality.

What are you looking for in a contractor?




Knowledge of…

All phases of construction




Historical evolution of construction…

Current Technological advances

Competitive pricing…

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